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'Semidialogue of insubstantial Love'



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|06.2020 'Das Null Relikt' / 'The Null-Rellic' A short story accompanying a sculpture of the same name by Alexander Föllenz.

|04.2019 'The Tools and Labor of the Info Architect' A manifesto.

'Ohne Rücksicht' Bruch & Dallas ~ Cologne [part of the exhibition 'Im Goldenen']
Featuring a screening of the Death Candle Organ & the first public use of Bublebuster V-1.0!

'By my Whim and Desire [Linear Episodes]' publication complimenting the exhibition 'Ok'.
read online here.

The 'Semidialogue of insubstantial Love' will go live. It will then be viewable online permanantly [as long as the server functions ...]